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We are here to provide a welcoming, social environment where our members come first. A facility that promotes a non-intimidating atmosphere, where everyone can achieve together. A facility where members will not only better their lifestyle but at the same time have fun in a relaxing environment, able to socialise and become friends and part of the Synergy family. Synergy is at the heart of this facility.

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What our members say

  • Enjoy the training at Synergy, always getting help from Carl.
    Enjoy the training (Daniel Goodridge)
  • Enjoy working out at Synergy, never been before and find it very relaxed and there's always help from the staff and other gym goers.
    Austin Bevan
  • Good atmosphere, helpful staff, driven director and great equipment. Local to home.
    Dai Lewis
  • Good weight equipment and a friendly environment.
    Arron Boswell
  • Nice gym. Well trained staff, nice with the clients, clean gym, clean bathroom. I recommend this gym for everybody.
    Marius Roiban
  • Been training here nearly 6 months now and have made a lot of muscle gains and fat loss. Carl has taught me a better understanding of diet and technique and help me develop my skills and become a much fitter and stronger individual.
    Matthew Sturgeon
  • This gym facility offers all the information and equipment I need to reach my goals. All staff are friendly and approachable. I recommend this gym for everyone.
    Stephen Thomas
  • Everything you need in one place. For all goals, workouts, genders etc. Approachable staff who are all very helpful and give good advice.
    Max Hayward
  • Good buzz, great atmosphere and plenty of well maintained equipment with very friendly staff and a very good refurb since taking over.
    Dom Colman
  • Love it all, can't wait to start my rehabilitation of a very weak body. Excited x
    J Williams
  • Love coming to this gym, the classes are always fun and a great way to keep fit. All staff are always on hand to support and give great advice.
    Katie Clark
  • I recommend this gym to anyone, it's got a good chilled out atmosphere and a lot of different techniques to work out too.
  • I like the girls only gym, it's relaxing and has a chilled atmosphere
    Ashlie Wicks
  • There's a variety of equipment to use. Staff are friendly and always happy to help. Music is always on the go and it's good to train to because it gets you motivated.
    Aidon Cressy
  • Brilliant gym, good equipment and enjoy all the classes. Staff are friendly and always happy to help and give advice.
    Kirsty Ringham
  • This gym is awesome! Here everyday, twice sometimes, classes are good and staff are real happy and helpful. Carl has done a great job here.
  • Really cool gym. Good balance of weights and other equipment. Great staff and a brilliant atmosphere.
    Michael Cray
  • It's got all the equipment you need and the staff are great!
    Brendan Fienhage
  • Really good gym. Good location and plenty of choice regarding variety of equipment, and big enough so as not to get too crowded
    Jamie Allen
  • Good atmosphere to train. Staff are approachable and help out with great advice.
    Luke Murray
  • Great opening hours! Plenty of equipment. Friendly, helpful staff!
    Kate Reynolds
  • Excellent range of equipment and atmosphere. Huge amount of weights with gifted trainers and staff. Amazing Gym!
  • Great opening hours. Early mornings suit me before work. Great range of equipment!
    Alex Jones